FAQ - Frequently Asked Questons!

“Why does F1 not work?”

This is the most common question we get. The answer can be many things, but you should start by verifying the mod is installed correctly, as is F4SE. All else fails, try a clean reinstall of the game and mod.

“When will this work in a stable form?”

As it stands, we do not have a large team of developers. Quite frankly, we have less than five-hands on deck, in terms of reverse engineering and development. We have absolutely no promised timeline, and have absolutely no guaranteed release date for a stable form of the mod.

“When will this work with DLC?”

Much like the above question, we have no guaranteed release date for when this mod will be able to work in a stable fashion, alongside DLC addons.

“When can I play the FULL game with friends?”

Once more, see the above two questions. There is absolutely no guaranteed release date for this.

“Will I be able to complete the story / finish the game to 100% completion, with a friend by the end of next year?”

Not likely. If we happen to strike a miracle and get plenty of new and dedicated developers on hand, sure. But as it stands, our rate of progress is so slow that it is highly unlikely.

“Do quests sync up between players on the server?”

Currently, quests and named NPCs are able to be synchronised. Non-named NPCs (generic enemies and such) are not synchronised.

“Can other players see you undress?”

Clothing is currently synchronised across both players. You can see the current outfit between both players, but by default, you’re given the vault 111 jumpsuit.

“Any plans for VR F4? Do you get enough sleep?”

We do not have any plans for VR support. It is just not something we see worthwhile. (No, we don’t get enough sleep, please… Let us sleep!)

“Will there be Lovers Labs mod support?”

Presumably. Once mod support is functional, we don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to both use mods from LLabs.

“How would mod compatibility work? Would more extensive mods be available?”

Mod compatibility would likely depend on both / all players on a given server having the mods installed and enabled. More extensive mods should be fine, given the server host is able to run them.

“Is the entire game playable?”

Technically, yes. While the mod is highly unstable and prone to bugs, desync, and crashing, your mileage may vary.

“Will there be a public server system / server list or will it be a direct connect system?”

We hope to have both; a public server listing, and a direct connection method. We also aim to have at least one dedicated server available that is up 24/7.